Nowadays, humans cannot be separated from internet technology. Technology has become something that is needed for everyday life, both in studying and working. Internet is an abbreviation of interconnected network. Launching KBBI, the internet is an electronic communication network that connects computer networks and organized computer facilities around the world via satellite.

The Internet can also be defined as an entire computer network that is connected to a global standard system to serve users around the world using a global transmission control protocol (TCP/IP) system.

As is known, the internet has various benefits for humans. These benefits cover a wide range of fields, from economics to education. The Internet plays an important role in connectivity and communication. Its existence is able to connect people from various parts of the world. There are various means of communication offered by the internet, including email, social media, short message services, and others.

The Internet was created by the United States Department of Defense in 1969. The Internet was built on the ARPA project. So with the project ARPA is often called the ARPANET. The ARPANET was originally used for military purposes. This military need connects 4 sites namely the Stanford Research Institute, the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah. ARPA’s purpose of connecting 4 sites is for communication efforts over an infinite distance. With the aim of communicating in different places, it was finally developed to what it is today, connecting the global world. From the beginning for military purposes, now it has become a basic need that cannot be separated. Because without the internet, global communication will be cut off. The breakdown of global communication will make conditions even more messy. Information is difficult to access, and it is certain that humans will not develop and science will also stop, so that the facilities that previously existed because of the internet have turned into difficulties.

The internet certainly has benefits in addition to connecting global communications, while other benefits are as a medium of information and entertainment. The internet will be a storage medium for all good information and can be searched by search engines that are already widely available on the internet, such as Google, Duckduckgo, and many other search engines. All the information on the internet will make life easier. In addition to information there is also entertainment on the internet. This in modern times is often raised on social media platforms. Social media platforms are proven to be effective in making innovative creations and can entertain internet users.

Then another benefit of the internet is as a means of supporting educational activities. As it is known that the internet is the easiest medium to get information. This information can be in the form of materials for education. Many learning materials or online books are scattered on the internet. The next benefit of the internet is that the internet can be used as a means of supporting economic activities. This has become commonplace, that with the internet, you can make money through advertising revenue. In addition, YouTube has even proven effective in generating a lot of income.

So with the internet, it actually helps to generate income. The internet encourages users to think creatively, critically and innovatively which makes the rapid progress and development of technology. Buying and selling sites are now also widely on the internet. So the term online buying and selling emerged. Buying and selling online will make internet users pamper, because there is no need to go to the supermarket, the goods have arrived at home. Even services such as motorcycle taxis already exist today, such as Go-Jek or Grab. With the existence of the internet, life is now more practical.

Weakness of Internet

The usage of the internet, which is occasionally unethical, is the internet’s vulnerability, despite the fact that it has numerous advantages. startling misinformation in plenty. Additionally, there are many pornographic websites, which is bad for young people’s growth. These are the features, advantages, and purposes of the internet as compiled from a variety of sources. In order for things to change for the better, it is hoped that modern internet usage will be more beneficial and significantly less harmful. That’s why we have to select the right internet provider like UNIFI, for further information you can check in this link wireless broadband unifi from Jom Apply.

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