Containers for freezer storage Malaysia
  1. Automatic pan stirrer

It has a one-handed push button for turning it on and off, as well as three speed settings. Simply set it in a pan or pot, switch it on, and it turns automatically. An automatic pan stirrer allows you to stop avoiding recipes that require constant stirring for long periods of time. It even has a timer built-in, so you can relax and enjoy your newfound spare time while it takes care of the cooking.

  1. Jar opener

A jar opener is a gadget that is used to open jars in the kitchen. Jar lids can be removed by hand by many persons. Some people are unable to open jars, while others prefer to use a jar opener. A jar-opening gizmo that you can mount under your cabinets to assist you with those jars that just won’t open. Nothing stands between you and your pickles now, which is exactly as it should be!

  1. Vacuum sealer

A vacuum sealer is a must-have if you want to keep food fresh for an extended period of time. Freeze individual amounts of snacks or vegetables or family-sized quantities of meals. Fix the portions you’ll need when it’s time to dine, and you’re done. When cooking sous vide, this is extremely useful. Purchasing meat in bulk, separating it into meal-sized quantities, and sealing it allows you to keep fresh meat on hand for up to six months. When compared to buying meat from the counter before each meal, this saves you a lot of money.

  1. Digital food thermometer

A digital food thermometer, so you can stop hemming and hawing about whether your chicken is cooked through and stop sapping the juice from your steaks every time you cut them open to check the middle. Put this little guy in there and you’ll receive an instant temperature reading!

  1. Garlic chopper

If you like garlic but don’t like getting the smell on your hands, a garlic chopper is for you. A garlic press or a garlic chopper is a kitchen instrument that resembles a nutcracker in appearance. By pressing fresh garlic through small holes, it becomes minced garlic. A garlic press is a time-saver because it eliminates the need to finely mince each garlic clove. Buy garlic chopper Malaysia here.

Buy garlic chopper Malaysia
  1. Egg cooker

An egg cooker is a small countertop gadget that can hard-boil eggs for salads or deviled eggs, poached eggs for eggs benedict, or scramble eggs. The best aspect is that the entire procedure is done with your hands-free, which helps to focus on other tasks in the kitchen. This is especially useful for busy parents who don’t want to stand over a stove but yet want to feed themselves and their children a balanced breakfast or snack.

  1. Cold-brew maker

You can quit overpaying for cooled bean juice with this excellent cold-brew brewer. Simply pour coarse-ground coffee into the mesh filter, fill the pitcher with water, screw on the lid (with the filter attached and submerged in the water), and let it brew for 12–24 hours before serving. It can be served straight over ice or cut with water or milk.

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