diploma in pharmacy in malaysia

Continuing onto your higher education is a tough and intimidating idea. If you know what course you would like to set your passions on, that’s great for you. Knowing what your strengths lie in is incredibly helpful, but if you don’t, that’s okay too. If you have always been interested in the pharmaceutical industry, or if you’re thinking what it’s like to pursue a diploma in pharmacy in malaysia, continue reading this article to get all the information you will need.

diploma in pharmacy in malaysia


Cost is definitely an important aspect of choosing the degree programme for you. As the cost of living in Malaysia is known to be lower than other countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany, it is a good idea for you to consider Malaysia as an option for when you would like to continue your Pharmaceutical diploma. Undergraduate courses in the UK can cost up to USD $150,000 and the same course in a Malaysian campus can cost up to RM 174,000. It is important that you weigh out the pros and cons of the location of your programme before making a concrete decision. For example, these courses will most likely have the same modules, marking scheme, examinations and evaluation criteria. Therefore, the weight of the degree will be the same if you do it in the Malaysian campus, with a lower costing than if you do it in the UK campus, as the standard of living is much lower here.

Quality of Education

Did you know that the education systems of Malaysian universities are ever-growing and will continue to rapidly blow our minds with it’s improvement? Malaysian Universities are not far behind other Asian countries’ rankings, as the universities here also aim to provide world-class education to the local young generation and international students too. The emphasis that the Malaysian education system puts on international standards has helped increase the standard of education here, therefore completing a diploma or even a degree here will definitely be able to help you score a work placement after you graduate. Some of Malaysia’s best universities are ranked among the world’s Top 100, so fret not, as the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia is closely eyeing the standard of education here.

There are plenty more reasons for a student to consider doing their diploma in pharmacy in malaysia. For example, Malaysia is a beautiful country with many cultures that co-exist together on a daily basis, harmoniously. With the mix of all our cultures, our country is a paradise to all foodies out there, with a multitude of food options that you will never get bored of. Just make sure that you’re adventurous, as you will take your tastebuds on a spin like never before!  And worry not, you will definitely be able to find Halal or non-Halal food that will suit your liking with all the variety of options you can find here. Lastly, the beauty of our country is that you will have so many places to visit during your down time. Take a visit to our beautiful islands (Ahem, Penang!) or metropolitan areas like Kuala Lumpur, indulge yourself in our forests and zoos on your downtime, and we will prove to you that your choice of studying here would never be a regrettable one! 

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