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As a result of our changed lives, we have become considerably more conscientious about personal cleanliness. We see it on the internet and everywhere. Not only do our hands need to be thoroughly cleaned, but so do daily items such as the keyboard of our computer, our smartphone, headphones, purses, and wallets, as well as the vacuum cleaner.

According to a recent study conducted by experts at the University of Medicine, the coronavirus may survive on surfaces for up to nine days at room temperature before becoming infectious.

dr. clo covid 19

So let’s take a look together at some of the everyday items that are most at risk:

Keyboard Because it is shared with other people, the keyboard on your computer is a true breeding ground for germs, which may grow up to three times in size. Another incentive is to keep it clean once a week (or once a day if it’s a communal space).


These devices are not only a prime vector for the transportation of germs, but they also produce a warm and humid environment that encourages the growth and multiplication of bacteria, putting the ears at risk of infection, including potentially life-threatening illnesses. As a general rule, sterilize your earbuds every day and never lend them out without cleaning them thoroughly both before and after you have loaned them out.

Phone (cellular)

The University of Surrey discovered that mobile phones contain germs and viruses of various sorts, which were found to be “housed” on the devices. The fact that cold and flu viruses may live on hard surfaces (such as a mobile phone) for up to 24 hours has also been shown by much research.

Using the Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are machines that remove dirt and debris from a room. However, since they store dirt and germs of all sorts, it is necessary to keep them clean in order to maintain their cleaning effectiveness. In fact, it is no coincidence that researchers at Bath Spa University have discovered bacteria such as salmonella within them and that a study published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology has demonstrated how these extremely dangerous microbes can end up being released back into the environment, potentially causing infections. 

It is recommended that the dust container be emptied after each use and that the condition of the filter, which may be sterilized with the sanitizer, be checked on a regular basis in order to avoid any danger of contamination.

Wallets and handbags

Research performed by experts from the University of Mauritius found that staphylococcus bacteria was found in 90 percent of the wallets and purses tested. Every time a bag is put on a table or on the floor, it is converted into a carrier for germs. A disinfecting spray should be used before passing the bags and, of course, they should not be placed on the floor, particularly in public areas like the restroom.

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