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Are you aware that your plumbing and piping system is one of the most important parts of your home, but it is also very tricky to navigate through? That is why you need to hire the pros to take care of it for you, but make sure you know the basics of plumbing so you don’t get cheated. Your piping system is connected to drainage and sewage systems of your home, therefore they need to be maintained appropriately to ensure everything runs smoothly. Items like your welding fittings, pipes and faucets need to be regularly checked to ensure that there’s nothing busted or leaking. Many things can go wrong in your pipes, so make sure that you check them regularly as if one pipe is busted or leaky, your whole system can fail.

Let’s start with the Do’s.

Using the right tools

Basic plumbing can be challenging for those with no basic knowledge of plumbing. One thing being leaky or faulty can have serious effects on the rest of the pipes, which is why you need to make sure that you have all the right tools to fix any small leakages. Firstly, do some research on how to fix the issue first, then make sure that you have all the tools to fix it. If you don’t, call someone right away instead of coming up with your own DIY solutions. 

Unclogging your drains

I’m sure you’ve heard of using chemicals to clear your clogged drains. Trusted services will always recommend that you use natural materials to unclog your drains. Ditch the chemical alternatives and grab yourself some boiling hot water, salt, baking soda and vinegar to unclog your drain. Trust that these ingredients will do the job way better than chemicals, as chemicals will cause your pipes to deteriorate over time.

What are the Don’ts? 

Throw trash in your garbage disposal

When you are washing dishes, you will always rely on the disposal to catch all the food scraps. But guess what! Leaving certain things to go down there can ruin your pipes, cause blockages and breakage, which can breakdown the entire system. Some of these items are fats, coffee grounds, cooking oil, vegetable skin and corn husks. So, always make sure to filter out the trash out before washing your dishes, and clear the disposal every so often!

Overtighten Plumbing

If you are new to plumbing, it is easy to overtighten because it feels safer for the plumbing to be tight rather than to be loose. Well, plumbing experts will always tell you that when it comes to connections and fittings, you should only tighten them as far as you can with your hand. Overtightening your bolts and welding fittings can crack your pipes, break the bolts and even strip screws, so make sure that you don’t tighten them too far. 

Hesitate to call for help

If you don’t really know what you’re doing, put all your tools down and call an expert. It is always better to be safe asking someone professional to get it done for you, rather than solving it yourself with the potential of messing up the system and possibly causing you more trouble.

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