ship preservation solutions

Now, it’s time for us to decide on our future careers. Whether we choose to work on land that consists of jobs such as office workers or construction. You could also decide to work in the air as pilots or air stewards and so on. On the other hand, if you prefer the sea, you might want to consider career options in the maritime industry. Listed below are a few career options in the maritime industry. 

ship preservation solutions

Chief Engineer 

The Chief Engineer is in charge of overseeing all areas of ship engineering, including the repair, maintenance, safe operation, and efficacy of all main propulsion systems, water making equipment, electrical appliances, and deck equipment. This nautical employment will also necessitate a thorough understanding of the inventory required for any length of the cruise since you will be responsible for ordering and collecting these supplies. The Chief Engineer is in charge of the entire engineering crew and is an essential part of the crew during any manoeuvre or emergency that requires him to be inside the engine room and in command. Simply put, the chief engineer is responsible for the ship and will have to come up with ship preservation solutions to keep the vessel safe and secure to use. This marine job will take you all over the world, usually on trade vessels, but also on cruise ships, fishing boats, oil rigs and more.

Designated Duty Engineer 

The DDE, or Designated Duty Engineer, is the Chief’s first assistant. You are in charge of overseeing the work of the rest of the engineering crew and ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. To ensure optimal effectiveness of the ship’s primary engine systems and other onboard equipment, all engineering equipment and other features must be operated, maintained, and repaired safely. When assisting the Chief Engineer, you will also be responsible for tracking all consumables and supplies aboard the vessel. You’ll also be responsible for overseeing all engine room protocols, emergency drills, and other procedures, as well as assisting the crew with crane operations, heavy lifting, and other ship-related tasks.

Captain or Master

During navigation, the ship’s Master or Captain is in charge of disciplining and leading all crewmen and passengers, if any, to safety. You’ll also make sure that proper maintenance procedures are followed to guarantee that the vessel runs smoothly at all times. The vessel’s shipmaster or captain is in charge of the entire vessel and its crew. As a master mariner, you’ll be in charge of the deck department, including cleaning, repairs, and upkeep. You’ll also have to teach and advise any new crew members, analysing their abilities and providing direction as needed.

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