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Sexual experience differ from one session to another. It differs because the conception of each experience is a consequence of a few different factors at different times. However, over time, you will get bored with the experiences sooner or later. Human beings are simple creatures in certain aspects. For one, we tend to become bored over time with the same routines, especially when it is done over and over again. So, to avoid your sexual experiences from getting boring, you need to switch it up now and then.

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Switching things up in the bedroom can be overwhelming at first. It is because you are changing and upgrading a very intimate part of yourself. Whether it is with a partner or alone, change is overwhelming. It becomes especially frightening if you are dabbling in something you are unfamiliar with. So, take things slowly as you change your routine. If you feel anxious or uncomfortable at any time, you should stop and assess the situation first. Take things one step at a time. If you are with your partner, then talk to them about these things. Ensure that both sides of the party are comfortable with each other. You should also establish some boundaries before starting anything new. Remind each other of the boundaries before starting a session so that you can be confident in each other. 

Next, you also need to have a safe-word. A safe word is used when you and your partner are conducting a new activity in the bedroom. It is usually to indicate an all-stop or to state that one doesn’t feel safe with the other. By doing this, the both of you will be confident in each other, and it will avoid any issues from forming. Other than that, a safe word allows the both of you to feel safe. It places trust in the other, and ensures that both are in the same space and vibes as the session proceeds.

Now, for the fun part. Here are several ways you can enhance your sexual experience. These ways are just suggestions, so do talk about these methods with your significant other before moving on. 

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Essentially, roleplay describes the function it is named after. Both individuals in the relationship play a part that they are comfortable with, and they seduce each other with the assigned roles. These roles are usually associated with power plays or unusual relationships for instance. One person in the role can play the dominant role, while the other submissive. In these types of role plays, no one has the higher power just because of their gender. You do not need to be the dominant one just because you are the man. You can also play submissive roles. For instance, the female in the relationship can play the boss, while the male can play the assistant or bodyguard. These role plays are interesting and fun. They can bring a new dynamic between two people. 

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Next, you can introduce sex toys into the relationship. Some people think sex toys are the enemy, but they are not. They are friends that you use as tools to ensure that your partner receives the satisfaction it deserves. There are various types of sex toys to choose from. You can start by using any one of the basics such as dildos, vibrators or plugs. Want to buy a sex toy? Check out sex shop toy online Malaysia!

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