permohonan kolej kejururawatan
permohonan kolej kejururawatan

So you’ve decided that you want to become a doctor! You now have to choose which medical school is best for you to get the most out of the next four years of your life. It’s critical to think about admissions standards, academic styles of various programmes, and a variety of other factors like geography, resources, and proximity to family.

Consider the prerequisite classes before permohonan kolej kejururawatan. Different medical schools may have entirely different “mandatory upon admission” curriculum. Examine them thoroughly to see if you qualify for admission to a certain medical school.

The Right Notes

Note that students who have studied life sciences or health sciences have the advantage that they are much more likely to meet the prerequisites for almost every medical school. 

Students who hold a Bachelor of Arts degree or who majored in math, physics, or a field other than traditional life sciences and health may have a more difficult time finding medical schools that accept them. To achieve these prerequisites, you can take additional classes.

There are, however, medical schools that have less severe requirements. If you don’t have a typical bachelor’s degree in biology or health, finding a medical school that is more flexible with the courses they need you to take on admission can save you time and money.

Accesses and Choices

It may be useful to gain access to the web-site requirements for admission to medical schools (MSAR), which will be described in detail the requirements for the individual schools in the US and Canada. It will also provide you with statistics on applicants and accepted ones.

It is helpful to know what different medical schools are looking for, as well as to know your strengths and weaknesses in order to increase your chances of admission.

permohonan kolej kejururawatan

For those who are academically inclined and are gaining very good MCAT scores, this may be in their favor; however, for those with less than stellar ratings but excellent community contributions, it may be beneficial to seek a medical school that values students with extensive volunteer experience.

Know if you need a completed bachelor’s degree

Some medical schools are open to applications after two or three years of undergraduate studies; others require a full bachelor’s degree first. When choosing a medical school, especially if you are just starting your undergraduate degree, consider whether you are interested in going to one that offers “early admission” (admission without a full bachelor’s degree). This will save you time and money, and help you fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor sooner rather than later. 

Talk to a health care consultant or other scientific advisor at your school. They can help you determine which school is right for someone with your experience and strengths.

Make your choice based on the schools you are accepted to. Ultimately, for most prospective medical students, it all comes down to enrolling in a variety of schools (often as many as possible) and then making a choice based on the one you are admitted to.

The competition for admission to medical school is very high, so it is always a good idea to enroll in several educational institutions. Be aware of the additional costs of admission to school, such as travel to interviews and campus visits, and application fees. The average number of schools enrolling students is 15. 

Also, don’t give up hope. Many students take two or three (and sometimes more) attempts to get into medical school at all.

permohonan kolej kejururawatan


The good news is that medical schools usually pick selection dates on the same day (or a very similar day), so if you receive multiple offers to different medical schools, you can pick one and pick the one that is yours.

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