Family Medicine Specialist certification in Malaysia

Malaysia is introducing the family medicine specialist certification as a requirement for entry into the field of family medicine. It aims to attract more people to work in this field. Doctors are not required to do any additional training or education outside of their medical training before they can practice. In order to enter the field, doctors must only complete a two-year residency program in family medicine. They must also complete a specialized exam and pass an ethics examination before admission into the academy. The main advantage of the certification is that it will attract more people into this medical specialty and help create opportunities for young doctors in Malaysia by allowing them to gain practical experience with local hospitals without making a commitment for years longer than necessary.

Family Medicine is a medical specialty that offers a wide range of services and job opportunities are rising. Family medicine specialists are called upon to provide care for patients in the home, community, and workplace. They help with non-emergency healthcare for patients of all ages, including adults, children, infants, and seniors. The number of family medicine specialists is expected to increase over the next 10 years as the demand for their services increases. The Family Medicine Specialist certification in Malaysia credential is a recognized medical specialty qualification from Malaysia’s Ministry of Health that certifies family physicians who have completed at least two years of graduate training in family medicine. In Malaysia, more than 50% of family physicians have this certification. Family medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on healthcare for the entire family. 

Family Medicine Specialist certification in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are many opportunities to practice this specialty, including being able to work as a general practitioner or primary care provider at private clinics. There are many universities and tertiary schools in Malaysia that offer courses in family medicine. International medical schools like The University of Western Ontario or The University of Toronto also offer accredited courses in Malaysia. There are also several thousand registered doctors who have already completed their studies and now wait for government approval to be recognized as family doctors.  Malaysia is one of the countries that offer a family medicine specialist certification to its physicians. Malaysia has an aim to achieve a goal of having 100% doctors registered in Malaysia with family medicine specialty by 2025. 

This means that all specialists in Malaysia must be medical doctors who have received their medical training and passed the national examination for this practice area. To contribute to this effort, Malaysian General Hospital released a study on the effectiveness of the Malaysian Family Medicine Specialist Certification (MFMSC) system. The study concluded that there was no significant difference between MFMSC-registered and non-MFMSC-registered physicians in terms of patient satisfaction and cost-effectiveness. In Malaysia, there are only two medical specialties that are recognized by the Malaysian Medical Council (MCM), namely General Practitioner and Emergency Medicine. Family medicine is a non-specialty medical discipline and focuses on the care of family members. It is a specialty in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

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