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With the development and progress of modern network technology, people can communicate, entertain, read news, make friends and so on through computer networks, the distance between the network and us is getting closer and closer. However, while the Internet brings people all kinds of convenience, it also produces some negative effects.

Advantages of the Internet

First, the diversity of information. Network information involves games, fashion, clothing, automobiles, music, sports, film and television and other industries, bringing strong impact to people. The Internet facilitates data sharing, provides a communication platform, provides a display platform, plays the role of leisure and entertainment and so on. Diversified information needs to be supported by information protection, so we can achieve the purpose of information backup through Alpha Cloud Backup in Malaysia.

Second, the three-dimensional form of expression. For example, online news is gradually replacing traditional news. Online news, based on the Internet, with the help of advanced transmission technology, has played a good role in the guidance of public opinion in news communication content, form, structure and ease of reading, and has received a strong three-dimensional news communication effect. Compared with traditional news, the production time of online news is shorter and the production process is simpler, thus improving the work efficiency.

Third, interactive communication. The two-way interaction of information communication is the essential feature and social significance of network communication. Internet users can publish information equally and have discussions equally. The function of public opinion supervision is constantly amplified in the network oscillation. Interactive communication constitutes a fatal impact on the existing media and an increasingly urgent rebellion and denial of the traditional consciousness.

 alpha cloud backup malaysia

Disadvantages of the Internet

First, it easily leads to Internet users addicted to the network, affecting the spiritual temperament of individuals. There are all kinds of games on the Internet. Some Internet users who are not strong in self-control find it easy to indulge in games, especially teenagers. Spending all day on the Internet without meals can easily affect personal health.

Second, the credibility of online information is relatively low. Due to the large number of people participating in network communication, the purpose of the communicator is hidden, and the quality of the communicator is uneven. Therefore, the reliability and preparation of information on the Internet are relatively low, especially news reports, and people still tend to trust authoritative newspapers and TV stations.

Thirdly, the Internet narrows our social circle and widens the distance between us and those around us. People who surf the Internet often distance themselves from their friends in life. Since people’s energy is limited, if you spend too much time on the Internet, you will have no energy to participate in all kinds of activities. If you shorten the distance of online friends, you will pull away the distance of friends in life.

The information explosion in the Internet era has brought convenience to people’s life, but also brought more burden. Therefore, we need to improve the awareness of Internet security, protect ourselves, protect our families and protect our friends.

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