mother care nursing products Malaysia

There are a lot of necessary items if you are about to have a baby, especially for new mothers. Apart from breast pumps, baby clothes, socks, and hats, there are other important things that you should consider buying. These items would really ease your journey throughout motherhood. 

It is a learning process for the mother as well as the baby. Also, to avoid any painful experiences, there are a few products you need. Hence. read more to find out the necessary mother care nursing products Malaysia that you need.

Nipple shields

Made out of silicone to ease the breastfeeding process, nipple shields are a must-have item for new mothers. Apart from that, it could also assist the baby to get better suction.

mother care nursing products Malaysia

Nipple cream

For the first few months, your newborn baby will be fed a lot to grow well. As a result, this might cause nipple sores. For that problem, the nipple cream is essential for mothers to prevent dryness on the nipples which could cause cracking and bleeding. It is safe for the baby and easy to apply. 

Nursing pads

The nursing pads help mothers with sore nipples to feel relief, hence, to really feel the cooling effect, sore the pads in the refrigerator or freezer. Don’t worry, the nursing pads are reusable.

Breast pump

Breast pumps are important for mothers who are always away from their children. It is also essential for mothers who produce a lot of breastmilk, hence, breast pumps are needed to ease the pressure. 

Breast milk storage bags

To store breast milk and retain its quality, you must have storage bags that are suitable to store breast milk. The bags are zip locked so air wouldn’t slip inside. Furthermore, you must label the date of the day you pump the milk so the oldest one can be used to feed the baby. 

Nursing bras

A nursing bra makes it easy for mothers to nurse their babies without the hassle. This type of bra has flaps, snaps, or zippers to make the nursing process easy. The support is important for mothers, and you don’t want to make the hungry baby wait!

Water bottle

The water bottle is important because nursing takes a lot out of a mother, including hydration. Hence, drinking enough water is essential to producing a quality milk supply. Additionally, many mothers experience thirst when their babies are breastfeeding, therefore, make sure you always have a bottle of water near you. However, you don’t have to drink too much, just drink enough. 

Nursing cover 

For a little privacy, the nursing cover can help you out. When the baby is hungry while you’re outdoors or in the view of others, put on the nursing cover and you can nurse your baby with ease and comfort. 

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